The blog aims to cover the journey of 3 women across India. They drove a distance of 4400kms from Delhi to Rameshwaram, in 2016, from North to South through Five states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

In 2017, they hit the highway again, zooming across Rajasthan and Gujarat, covering a distance of 4000 kms. Find out more about their journey as they fulfill their dream on our page: https://www.facebook.com/agenobar2017/


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  1. Ranvir says:

    Very impressed how the women are handling themselves with Lagoors, police walas and other strangers, so ready to help them and even wondering like everyone else at their daring trip. Very alert and yet dealing with car troubles so smilingly 😄. But then road adventures can be boring without the unforeseen and some car related dramas! Good luck as y’all driv onwards!

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  2. Ranvir says:

    Usmanabad! Beautiful architectures and great history behind it. Love the pictures! I had not even heard of the place. I am totally in awe at the adventures of these 3 very daring ladies. I am sure they have a lot more stories to tell than I get to read in this, yet a very good blog by Aastha. Keep it up!!


    1. gandhiaastha says:

      Thank you Ranvir uncle, yes only this much can be covered in the blog.. The stories are unending and wait till you see what Badami and Hampi had to offer.. the most exquisite sites of their journey!


  3. Baba Das says:

    (I read about them on NDTV) Now THESE .. are truly EMPOWERED women !
    Neeru, Monika & Pratibha [I will NOT call you ‘aunty’ or ‘didi’], I bow before you in respect & administration. I hope more middle class Indian women of your GENERATION learn from you, that they are MUCH MORE than just ‘mummy’ or ‘biwi’ or ‘saas’ or ‘nani,’ etc … and they should achieve their INDIVIDUAL potential in any way they can.

    PS: I am going to do the SAME thing when I retire 🙂

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    1. gandhiaastha says:

      Thank you Das for your encouraging wishes for the three women. Hope you are enjoying their story on the blog. Keep following, liking and sharing it with your friends. You can also follow are facebook page https://www.facebook.com/agenobar2017/ for regular updates of their journey.


  4. Hi,

    Wrote to you from Silvertalkies on the facebook page Age no bar. Writing again. I’m the co-founder of ST and a journalist by profession. Would love to feature the nanis and their super inspiring story. Do let me know how to get in touch. I’ve commented using my gmail so you have my mail now. Thanks, Reshmi

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