Wander Women Wander!

From the Road Trip in 2016 (Delhi to Rameshwaram covering 4400kms) the three women have come a long way, loaded with experiences, having brushed up their skills be it with the latest phone cameras, selfie-sticks or paytm,  the women are definitely more confident… they now embark on a new journey, heading towards West of India. They have set out to cover a distance of 4000kms driving through the arid Thar desert, cities of Forts, cities flaunting the myriad colours of miniature paintings, manganiyars‘ soulful voice and kaalbeliyas‘ energy-driven dances in Rajasthan, moving further into Gujarat’s milky land, which reverberates of Bapu’s principles, the western coastline and the beautiful temples and stepwells.

The women celebrate by having traditional dahi-cheeni before embarking on the journey.

Neeru Gandhi and Monicka Chanana are joined by Pratibha Sabharwal on this journey. Maruti Suzuki’s Ertiga given to us by the generous DD Motors is their chosen accomplice, once again.

And one thing’s for sure.. no matter what hurdle comes their way… nosy cops or unhelpful hotel staff, rats or cockroaches in the hotel rooms, or even in the times of “digital India” no mobile network for long periods.. the three women have the right answer to each and every questioning eye, skepticism and discouragement. For them it’s these experiences from the negative to the positive to the negative to the plain boring that add colour to life and make everyday an adventure. And all we can say is that…


You are a thousand stories long,

With the depth of the Ocean,

and an entire constellation woven into your soul.

And you must remember this

before any man

tries to convince you

that you are any less.

(- by Nikita Gill)



Its Women’s Day today and the message from our women – “Ladies & our dear Gentlemen, celebrate every day, wander away to unknown lands, for life is an adventure”

Happy Women’s Day! Happy Wandering!

Monicka, Sarita and Neeru reach Rameshwaram after driving 4400 kms from Delhi, 2016




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