What’s Age Gotta do with it?

I am in that age where in a matter of few years I would be in the dreaded category of “middle- age”. I am still coping with the trauma of being called ‘aunty’ by my colony kids. My body is still coping up with the fact that suddenly a daily yoga session has become a ‘norm’ – not only to get rid of that extra fat hanging from my waistline that plops up with every pizza slice, but also to get my muscles into motion. When all my chit-chat with frandz begins and ends at just one note “buddhe ho rahe hain!!” (we are getting so old!)

Come to think of it I am not even 34!!!

No, this post is not about “How to beat your age?, its not even about “How to look 16 when you are approaching 40?”, and definitely not about “The new age laser/botox/ cosmo blah-blah-blah- kinda shit”.

But this post is definitely about untagging yourself from an “age- label”. If my 5 year old son can give me a dose of wisdom, then why can’t my 60 year old mum have a nice ride on a swing in the neighbourhood park and not have any eyebrows raised …


 After all, What’s Age Gotta Do With It?

go for it and give it a try… if not now, then when? my 60 year old mum taking off for a flight..

When there’s so much talk about gender fluidity, then why not age fluidity…?

Trending as womenonthehighway so far, from hereon we raise the Bar one notch up and shall now be AGe NO BAr!!


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