Day 23/24- Dil toh bachha hai ji

Chitradurg to Bangalore.. oops Bengaluru!

After 22 days of driving through small towns, villages and picturesque sites, they entered the hustle- bustle of a metro city. .. and they were clearly out of sync!

The ladies had driven 206 kms on an impeccable NH- 48 (crossing five tolls en route they paid a total toll tax of Rs.206/-) and reached Bangalore in just 2.5 hours on Day 23. However, they took some time to get accustomed to the honks and heavy traffic on the city roads after having driven through long deserted highways for so long.. They managed to reach the hotel only after an hour as they dragged their Ertiga through the maddening city crowd.

But, the hotel too disappointed them.. and soon they were on the road again to look for a suitable place.

The second one was bearable and they instantly hit the bed to get an afternoon nap.

And the kids come calling…!!

(a day well spent with niece and nephew)

Neeru realized that the tablet she had been using to document their journey had stopped working…Clueless in the new city, she couldn’t figure out where to get it repaired from.. and Pop! came her nephew- Ankit Manocha to her rescue. He was on a holiday, all the way from Delhi, with his friend Gurudatta Joshi, a local in the city and they both gladly drove ‘Neeru and Sarita bhua’ around the city..


They finally got the tablet repaired. and here’s the proof…

yes its working!! and yeah I can click a selfie too 🙂

Monicka, meanwhile, had this strong urge of…. well, SHOPPING!!! and Lo and behold!! came her niece- Krittika, took her around the city to the bestest of malls and markets. Well, kya karein we city- vallahs are like that only!


Day 24 The Garden City… here we come!

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is also known as ‘the Garden City’ and the ‘City of Lakes’. There are as many as 10 lakes in and around the city. But our ladies had time to explore only one. Tired with all the driving around Sarita did what she enjoyed doing the most- spending some ‘me’ time all by herself at the hotel!  While Neeru and Monicka, accompanied by Monicka’s niece, Krittika, went out to explore the garden- city, literally…

At Children’s Park, Madiwala Lake

And that’s how they rocked it!!

Ready, steady.. GO!
Up and down the swing… feel like I have wings!

Fun in the children’s park was followed by some more fun at the lake…

Row, row, row your boat…. at Madiwala lake!


hopping around in auto- rickshaw

They then proceeded towards the famous Ganesha temple- also known as the Bull temple, locally.


and witnessed a wedding procession, with all the gaaja- baaja and baraati, ‘southy’ style…


and here come the dhol- vaalahs…

that’s no dhol, that’s a maddale- you northy!

Paying obeisance to the Gods inside the temple precincts..


When in South, Silk- shopping and dosa- eating are a must and the 2 ladies, did just that before calling it a day…They went shopping for some fine silk and toys for the kids in the family and concluded their day with an evening snack of ‘idli- dosa- vadai‘ at the local eatery!


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