Day 22- Even the Rains couldn’t dampen their spirits

Hampi to Chitradurga

IMG_20160331_105538The windmills of my mind

  are like blades of memories

                   Pushing through strands of time …


Lingering here and there…

Fragile images that linger for hours

Thoughts as if each one a page
Life’s memories dancing on a stage…
 So the windmills of life keep spinning

Each day a lifetime all for the winning

                                     (- Lorie Robertson)



Neeru, Monicka and Sarita were back on the highway on Day 22. As they moved onto NH 13 towards Chitradurg– literally meaning, a picturesque castle, the barren boulders of Hampi gave way to hilly terrains lined with towering windmills. Soon enough the mighty winds gave way to a blazing storm…


And the rains came pouring down as they reached the town…When they came out in the evening to visit the fort, the whole town had been washed. Chitradurg or Chitrkaladurg was built by many dynasties over a period of 8 centuries (from 10th c.- 18th c.) and has as many as 18 ancient temples within its precincts.












The fort is built on boulders which become slippery and quite dangerous to be tread upon, in rains. The trio decided not to climb those boulders to be on the safer side as there were still few more days of the journey left and they couldn’t take that risk with their legs, especially now. They, however managed to go to the museum and got some beautiful shots in its gardens.




Even though they were disappointed for not being able to visit the museum from inside, which closed by 6 pm, the rain couldn’t dampen their high spirits.. as they went dancing around in the gardens … well, rains in India can get anyone up on their heels!!


And the fun in the rain was followed with a plate of spicy hot pakodas and a hot cup of chai..

The ladies had the gleaming pakoda vaali for company who served them with crispy pakodas  and garma-garam chai!!

…a perfect end to not-so-perfect day!!


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