Day 21-a walk down the long, winding river

Final day at Hampi

As the third and final day at this ancient city rolled in the ladies were all set to explore some more of its famous structures. But first and foremost, they needed to fill up.. so the day began with a sumptuous heavy breakfast provided by the guest house.

oh oh!! and I just lost all my appetite..

So the meal was somewhat disappointing, but the Tungabhadra was calling out to them … and they were soon in their high spirits as they reached the river banks. And today they chose to walk along the river..
















The calm waters of Tungabhadra


walking through the caves on the riverside..


walking through the caves on the riverside


The village- folk by the river





..Because I am Happy!!

Sarita was too mesmerized by the view and the serenity of this place, and also a lil tired and unwell so she headed back to the room after a while..



The other two- Neeru and Monicka went ahead on their chosen path  for the day: Vittala temple (which boasts of its musical pillars), Varaha temple, the Chariot, King’s Balance, the Royal Centre (watch out this space for videos, to follow soon)…

and along the way they made pals with a fellow tourist who didn’t mind clicking a picture for them..!


while they are on their leisure- walk, the local people are up and about with their daily chores..



of course, its hot!
but I’ ll keep on walking..


some respite from the heat- many locals and tourists seeking relief under the shade of the tree

After autorickshaw and cane-boat, it was now time to take a ride on this battery- powered car..


and much to their surprise and glee, it had a women- driver!!


Perhaps, she was the first woman- driver they had met on their journey and the meeting was surely a memorable one..

As she drove them to other sites, they saw some fascinating structures on the way..

smaller structures en route- now used as a shade by gaurds on duty.


their know-it-all guide for the day!

They headed back home as it got too hot by the lunch- hour, only to resume the last leg of their itinerary in the evening. They walked down to the other side of the city..


The watch- tower
Intricately- carved Lotus Mahal



The elephant stables meant to house Royal elephants:



my side of the wall!


IMG_20160330_171146  IMG_20160330_171205

and the last site for the day- ‘many shiva-lingas and many nandis’ on Malyavantha hill




Soaking in every drop of the holy, the royal and the natural beauty of the City of Victory (Vijaya- Nagara) for last 3 days, our ladies retired for the day, all set to hit the highway yet again the next morning…




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  1. Monicka says:

    Amazing job, intersting word ………….

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  2. Ranvir says:

    Amazing pictures coupled with excellent narratives from Aastha makes this for a very interesting reading! I hope Aastha you will compile this into a complete journal with added commenteries from the travelers.

    Liked by 1 person

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