Day 20- Ever been on a roller- coaster ride in a cane boat

In and around Hampi


On their second day in Hampi, our ladies were all set to get lost in time- revel in the architectural grandeur, soak up the natural beauty, meditate in dingy caves and find solace on hilltops- which surround the ancient city of Hampi. They began their day by paying obeisance to the local deity- Virupaksha- Lord Shiva at the Virupaksha temple.



and soon headed towards Anjanayadri temple on the other side of the river. The ladies crossed the river on a motor boat and walked the rest of the way.. enjoying the spectacular view of the Anjanayadri hill.



It required a long climb of 580 steps to reach the top. Our ladies didn’t want to miss this chance to visit the precincts, where it is believed that Lord Hanuman was born. At first, the women were little apprehensive and doubtful of being able to accomplish the task. Sluggish in their climb, they still carried on…

I won’t be defeated

…but soon they met a few old ladies climbing down, the oldest of them was full of zest and energy even at 75 years.












… having regained their courage and strength, the ladies resumed their climb at full throttle..

There were some breath- taking views awaiting them on the way…





Reaching God’s abode is no small task. More than the test of strength it is a test of your courage, grit and conviction! But our ladies have come all this way passing all the tests with flying colours. And here they go again…

Ye ye!! I am the first one 😉


in complete devotion, inside the temple precincts

Next they did a trail covering Shabari gufa, Durga temple and Baali gufa

shabri gufa
inside the shabari gufa


pampa sarovar
Pampa sarovar- by the gufa
meandering their way through the boulders..


many desires to be fulfilled.. many more prayers to be answered- clothes tied to the tree signifying innumerable prayers to the Devi





Yeh nahi kiya toh kuchh nahi kiya

The ladies took much delight in photographing  picturesque scenery on their trail. But as they reached the river they were in for a surprise.. Big baskets floating on the river!

They were actually round cane boats, locally called the teppa. Tough constructions made with traditional weaving techniques and  waterproofed, they carry people, animals, even bikes!

Our ladies found an ace photographer in a local kid- who captured their ride down the river…


the ladies were just getting a li’l comfy in the boat.. not knowing what was coming their way

and got on with their business as usual…


and without any warnings, the boat- vaala started to swirl the boat… well, that’s the only way he could have moved the round boat across!!

They are still holding strong, calm and smiling..

IMG_20160329_142833  IMG_20160329_142817

and it swirls faster.. and faster!


They are definitely not prepared for this one..

where did the third one go? did she actually fall off…?


she is right there.. almost down!
the other two battling hard are not yet ready to give in
almost there!!


whew!! its over.. finally.


This roller- coaster ride surely got them hungry and they headed back to the guest house for a sumptuous meal followed by a sound sleep. Only to return to the Malyavantha hill in the evening. The view of the sunset from the top was something they craved for the second day as well.. it was a perfect end to a beautiful day!!

A short clip of dusk on Malyavantha (<– click to see the video)







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