Day 18- bumpy ride, transcending heights and a quaint li’l town

Bijapur to Badami


Badami- definitely does not mean almond-like and it has nothing to do with manufacturing almond oil!! Earlier known as Vatapi, Badami was the capital city for Chalukyas from 6th- 8th c. and is famous for its rock- cut architecture- the caves are examples of first ever Hindu temples. But, before our women reached this quaint little town situated by a lake, they had quite a bumpy ride …

Driving on NH- 218 from Bijapur to Badami

They started from Bijapur at 7: 35 am covering a distance of 134 km without any hassles and avoiding any detours. They were well prepared and made it a practice to confirm the directions at least twice.The single- lane highway was lined with beautiful southern landscape with farmlands stretching all along the route. But one thing they weren’t prepared for was the speed breakers.. not 1,2 or 3 but there were a plenty as they drove through the villages and had to be extra careful with the car. After all, they had already had an over-dose with car- trouble!

They easily managed to reach the hotel by 10 am but comforts on a journey don’t come in that easy. As the check- in time was 11 am at this hotel they had to wait for a bit and then when they finally got inside the room, there were many things amiss… the fridge, the phone and the ‘third’ water bottle… all had to be requested for. And yet again the staff of the hotel was at their service, fulfilling each of their demands…

And as our ladies set out to exploring the caves they were advised to be careful with their water bottles for there were quite a few wild monkeys around… but by now they had learnt their lessons and sneaked the bottles underneath their dupattas.. 




Neeru at Cave 1

The climb from one cave to the next was not easy, given the height of the caves…


Still a many more steps to climb…


and finally Mona reaches Cave 2…


admiring their grit and energy…


a lil blue, a lil red but we aren’t giving up yet…


encountering the enigmatic Hanuman at Cave 3…


catching their breath…

and at Cave 4…


Mesmerizing views from the top..





Yes, we know the taste of victory ‘cos we have earned it the hard way!!

There were still more sites to be visited, the ladies headed towards the museum to gain more knowledge about the history of the land..

and as the dusk set in the women made their way to the famous Bhootnath temple..


Soaking in the spirit of Badami…

They wrapped up day 18  with shopping some finery in cotton at the local bazaar…

the ladies were all gaga for traditional cotton saris

They had barely escaped an encounter with the wild monkeys at the caves only to find a colony of ants in their hotel room. This definitely meant an urgent call to the housekeeping and as soon as the attendant entered the room all the ants at once decided to disappear at the call.. he could only spot a tiny harmless black one and said.. ‘this one is harmless, as long as its not a red ant, you needn’t worry’!

Hmmph… no more chances were the women going to take with any kind of bugs, ants or mosquitoes.. they had had enough of bugs bugging them! The room was disinfected at their request and they had a sound sleep, dreaming about their much- awaited next stop- over…


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