Day 13/14- holy dip or holy drink…the choice is yours!

Aurangabad to Nashik

the local seller as they entered the city

The three women drive from Aurangabad to Nashik on Day 13 of their journey, covering the length India. The city gets its name from an episode in the great Hindu epic, Ramayana when Lakshman chopped off Shrupnakha’s nose- nasika- believed to have occured in the present Nasik city. Rama, Sita and Lakshman stayed  for major part of their exile in the region of  Panchvati- literally meaning 5 banyan trees, also located in Nashik.

Lakshman MandirSita Gufa











Nashik, the holy city, much to their surprise, is also the wine capital of India with its sprawling Sula vineyards. Making it the ‘Wine Capital’, where as many as 22 wineries, out of a total of 46 wineries in India, are located!

So you have plenty of choices; get immersed in the world music and  wine- tasting at the annual “Sulafest”  or  get immersed in the divinity at the shahi snan (Royal Bath) of Kumbh mela festival which happens once every 12 years at the banks of river Godavari; live through the episodes of Ramayana; Shrupnakha’s  proposal to Ram or the abduction of Sita by Ravana; visit the abode of Shiva embodying the Trinity- Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra at Trimbakeshvar. Our women missed out on the fests by barely few months, so Day 13 was spent in visiting the local temples in Nashik..

parn kuti where ram ji stayed (2)
At Parnkuti, Tapovan
At Dattatreya mandir


and after a long day of excursion all they wanted for dinner was something light and something refreshing … there came the local delicacies, kulfiKhakra and Jalebi, each for Rs. 20 only:)

Day 14- In and around Nashik

They hired a cab to visit Trimbakeshwar temple which is around 30kms from Nashik city in the morning of Day 14.


At Trimbakeshwar Temple


Ladies partying in Goa??  Nahhhhh….  That’s a neighborhood Post – office at Trimbakeshwer. Now who would choose email over post-mail only if all the post-offices were painted yellow and pink 😉

They came back and walked around the city in the evening. But the night had something else in store ooopsss I mean something else in their bed. After their encounters with langoors and rats Nashik offered them the most pleasurable night so far…. in the company of BEDBUGS!

They couldn’t sleep the whole night, Monicka’s arm was swollen red due to innumerable  bites! Finally  they climbed downstairs and flashing the torches tried to wake up the hotel staff. The staff tiresomely responded that they would be up in a minute and do the needful. Our women went back to their room, waiting patiently.. still no response from the hotel- staff. Finally, they shouted out for them and at 4:00 am they were shifted into a new room, this time thankfully without any bed bugs and they managed to catch some sleep for few hours before they were on the road again..



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