Day 11- when the stones beckon you… never say never

Exploring the grandeur of Ajanta


John Smith – a British officer for the Madras Presidency accidentally walked into the hidden caves during his summer- hunt back in 1819. Mr. Officer must have been quite smitten by the sheer magnificence and grandiose of its Buddha statues and bewitching frescoes. That was the day the treasure of early Indian cave paintings and sculptures (ranging from 2nd century BCE to about 480 or 650 CE) were rediscovered at Ajanta.

And on Day 11 of their journey across the length of India, our women discovered the sheer joy and magnificence of treading the same path where centuries ago, the skilled unknown artists left their mark on these caves, where mentors and disciples walked together to discover the path to nirvana.

For our women… its been 10 days on the highway. They drove all that distance..New Delhi, Delhi 110001 to Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra - Google Maps_001and then they walked..

the caves from a distance

walked some more…


… all that distance to the caves

catching their breath at cave 1

Finally, our cave- hunters reached the first cave. There were another 33 to be explored…

Cave 2
standing tall with strong determination! – At cave 2


Cave 3
the caves beckon me- Mona at cave 3
Teen Deviyan – striking the perfect pose at cave 4
5th cave.jpg
na.. na, its not over yet- cave 5
Cave 6.jpg
cave 6- awakening the Buddha within
cave 7.jpg
and the Buddha with-out.. at cave 7

and they have lost the count by now…


“of course, we do need a break”-

a corner of their own!


some more hidden treasures to be discovered..

Travel Tip: Hats are a must to bear the summer sun

as they bid adieu to these masterworks set in stone..


another enthu lot made its way to the precincts…

with school kids
when it comes to travelling- age is just a misnomer! with kids from local Geeta Gnanpeeth Convent School

But before they left for the hotel, shopping toh banti hai yar! While collecting her bag full of goodies, Monicka just took a li’l peek inside her bag to check if all the items had been packed.

but the shopkeeper was smart enough to take notice-

aapki dilli main aisa hota hoga, hum log hera-pheri nahi karte

(it must be a practice in your Delhi, we don’t fool our customers like that.)

and Monicka outsmarted him with her dilli ki zubaan

aap hamari dilli ki burai hamare hi saamne kar rahe ho!!’

(you have some gutts for bickering about my Delhi right in front of me!!)

No, no this was no “Jai Maharashtra v. Dilli ke dilvaale” battle zone- this was just another day on the Indian highway!

…and for the rest of the evening the three gave their weary legs some rest and soaked in the serenity of Ajanta!





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