Day 9- Now this is what you call ‘mehmaan-nawazi’

Nagpur to Amravati

This has been the best Highway so far lined with flowers all along the road.


And the beautiful highway led them to a dining table laid with yummyness, for when you are on the road nothing can taste better than ghar ka khana.

The ladies’ very close friend from Delhi- Mrs. Nutan Kapoor, had arranged lunch at her cousin’ place- Anu Gandhi in Amravati. And our women relished each and every bite of the food and every bit of the lovely company of their hosts- Anu Gandhi and her husband, Suneel Gandhi- who had taken a leave from work especially to entertain the saalis. Apparently a very rare happening, for their household help was shocked to see sahab home. After an afternoon nap at their home (another luxury on the road)
the ladies accompanied by their hostess went on a city sight-seeing
tour; the temples, the markets et all.

Amba Devi temple, Amravati: The legend has it that this is the temple where Rukmini had come to worship Maa Amba and escaped with Krishna through a cave which still exists in the temple precincts.
wandering in the local bazaar..
Mata khirki shri krishna mandir
Mata Khairaki- Shri Krishna temple


They got a warm welcome from the rats of Amravati

They came back to the hotel  later in the evening only to be welcomed by a big fat rat in their room. On complaining to the hotel staff, an attendant, very meekly, placed a mouse- catcher stick- on in the room and comforted them, “isse kaam ban jayega” (not to worry, this shall take care of it).  The ladies, still in doubt, went to have their dinner. When they came back to the room they were much relieved to see that the dreaded rat had finally been caught!

But lo and behold… this was not the big fat rat, this was rather a real teeny- weeny one… and they screamed their lungs out! The attendants rushed to their room, requested them to keep calm and assured them of a super deluxe suite for the night! So at 10 our ladies packed their bags and rushed out.. still unsure if they won’t have anymore uninvited guests jumping on the bed!

Lesson for the day– don’t judge a book by its cover.. and don’t ever judge a hotel by its lobby 😛


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