Day 8-in the company of great men

Jabalpur to Nagpur via Ramtek


On day 8 our women entered State 3- Maharashtra of their journey. The landscape changed and they couldn’t help but notice all dried- up trees that lined the highway.



240 km from Jabalpur is situated a small town of Ramtek, (literally meaning the Vow of Ram) and in this town come alive legends from different times. Be it the much revered story of Ram in exile, his rendezvous with sage Agastya when he took the vow of relieving the world of demons or of Kalidasa, the great Sanskrit poet and story- teller who wrote Meghdootam in the hills of Ramtek . It was a short stop- over but our women made the most of it in Ramtek:



Poetry on walls!
Kalidas Smarak, Ramtek
check out the kangaroo dustbin at the Kalidasa Smarak


The present- day Ram temple is believed to have been built by the King of Nagpur Raghuji Bhonsale,after his victory over fort of Deogarh in Chindwara. Present temple is 400 years old.

Ram temple, Ramtek

        IMG_20160317_130758 IMG_20160317_131240

One needs to beware of the langoors gaurding the temple precincts. The minute you step out of those doors, they snatch your prasadam right under your eye. However,Sarita was determined as she went back to the temple for second prasadam. But they were still on the prowl at the exit doors, she spotted them and hid behind the temple walls and made it sure that the other two women, who had lost all their prasadam gobbled it up real quick before the notorious langoor comes for them again.

The town till 6 yrs back used to boast of a museum- Nagarjuna Sangrahalay. The precincts still has few statues in the front yard. However, the main enclosure “shut down 6 yrs back and the trustees took everything with them”, they were informed by the gaurds.


After driving a distance of around 300 kms, their longest so far, they reached their place of stay at the Air Force officers’ mess in Vayu Nagar, Nagpur in the evening, only to be welcomed by the rain- gods. But they couldn’t stop smiling seeing the size of the room with all the comforts, but most importantly the room had a drying clothes-rack! It was a welcome change after all the budget hotels they had stayed in till now. All that they craved for was some hot pakodas to go with the chai..


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