Day 7- Of boatmen who sing ’bout Kareena

In and around Jabalpur

Day 7 and the ladies gave their Gaadi some rest. But relaxing wasn’t on their agenda and they hired an Ola cab to show them around the city. (Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. They just happened to take an Ola. But if this reaches the marketing lords at Ola, we wouldn’t mind some goodies ;))

ola smile!!


Around noon they headed towards Bedaghat, famous for marble rocks on Narmada river. If you want a visual on what we are talking about think Kareena dancing to Raat ka nasha abhi in Asoka. There was no Bollywood saga unfolding on the river this afternoon, but the boatmen provided ample entertainment. The boatmen guides, not unlike others in major tourist destinations are master masala storytellers. Narrating tales of love stories that blossomed there, minute by minute accounts of film shoots that happened on the calm waters and of course, of how the sun set was a just little more rangeen on the evening that Rekha and Kareena relaxed in their boat after a long day of shoot. We are not sure if Rekha ever shot here, but when did facts ever come in the way of a great story.




IMG-20160323-WA0014  IMG-20160323-WA0011

There are both motor driven boats and boatmen rowed boats promising a less noisy ride available. After choosing their boat the three women had to wait for another 40 mins till the boatman could gather more passengers. The competition between the boatmen is so tough that they only get to do one ride in a day and make as much money in that ride alone. Their boatman states : “we are all like worst of enemies in day but when it comes to night we become best of friends”. The fight almost becomes physical when one boatman almost on the verge of filling his boat is pushed into the water by his opponent. The long wait aside, an hour’s ride costing Rs.100 per person, is a great way to enjoy nature peppered with entertainment offered by the local human kind. An afternoon well spent!

Next stop for the day was Dhuandhar water falls which is not far from the Bedaghat but you need to walk for a bit for the perfect view. Feeling fresh from the previous day’s rest, the ladies were in the mood for some fun. Monicka made the most of the lovely views and posed away for some fantastic pictures.

IMG-20160319-WA0006 IMG_20160316_121447



Hats Off! Mona the Posaa!!


Later in the evening they went driving around the city looking for cyber cafes to get their Dongle activated. After many calls and enquiring around,  it was finally done at the third store they visited and they were done for the day!



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