Day 6- Through the city of music and maestros

Satna to Jabalpur via Maihar

At a distance of approx. 30kms from Satna is situated  a 12thc. temple of Maa Sharda on Trikut hill in Maihar city. Our women drove straight from Satna to this city on Day 6, known for maihar gharana of Hindustani classical music and it’s founder and maestro musician Ustad Alaudin Khan. This is the city where many stalwarts of Indian music, namely, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Annapurna Devi, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Ustad Ashish Khan and others, received their training right under his tutelage and blessings of Maa Sharda.

The temple itself is of great local significance, one can either climb up 1063 steps to reach the peak or better still, take the rope-way.

long wait for our turn… no quota here!
…and we are up to the heighest height!


Our women opted for the latter and got a chance to revel in the scintillating beauty of panoramic view of Alha pond amidst the barren surroundings.

overlooking the Alha pond.


at the temple doors.

After climbing down 1063 steps, they resumed their drive and covered a distance of 159 kms. from Maihar to Jabalpur in the scorching heat.


And finally, they reached their destination for the day- Jabalpur– the Marble City!

Oh no, no! No time for sight seeing yet… It took them a while to check- in at the Guest House, Govt. Medical College (Jabalpur), as it was farther down from the main city. The day ended with finishing up a no. of pending chores; emptying out the car of each and every small lil bit, giving it a good wash and of course, washing up a whole load of clothes!!

And the three ladies went to sleep, with a sense of pride for the journey so far and a sense of adventure for the journey ahead…



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