Day 5- The road goes ever on…

Chitrakoot to Satna

The double lane national highway gave way to single lane state highway, the spotless roads turned to muddy, kachhi sadak, as our women drove to their next stop- Satna- one of the 100 cities which made it to our Prime Minister’s list of  “Smart -City- to-be”!




As our women entered into the “heart of India- the state of Madhya Pradesh” the Gods welcomed them and the rains came pouring down with a major hailstorm.


They braced it and drove all along , witnessing not so pompous a wedding procession (which we dilli vaalas are not quite used to) along the way…

wedding procession on way

But let’s just rewind a bit to the first half of the day: early morning our ladies went on a pilgrimage tour, visiting sites around Chitrakoot- Maa Anusuiya Temple, Gupt Godavari, Kamadgiri Ashram and Sfatik Shila, which is an important site where Lord Ram is believed to have stayed, for some time, during his years of exile (vanvaas).


disappearing waters in gupt godavari caves

And the day ended with familiar flavours of Dominos Pizza @Satna









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