Day 3: of shared autos, Holy waters and more

Kanpur to Allahbad

Lessons learnt in Kanpur- use public transport to move around the city.. our wonder women explore Allahbad in shared autos.

Waking up at 5, getting ready,  packing the bags and our ladies hit the highway yet again.. They left at 7 in the morning from Kanpur and headed towards their next stop – the Holy city of Allahabad.  Whoever said that it was going to be an easy ride and all fun.. eat up your words!  2 days on the drive and they have already fixed two flat tyres, changed the brake pads..  what lies ahead is a city secured all around.

They reached Allahabad at 10:30a.m. but could manage to reach their hotel (galaxy) only by 12 noon. On the occasion of  Allahabad High Court’s centenary celebrations, State and Judicial dignitaries were visiting from all across the country. The Central area was cordoned off for the publuc. Also, it became difficult to get a room, the only one they could manage to pre- book was right opposite the Court and it took them a while to find the accessible route.
A visit to the holy city called for a visit to Prayag– where the waters of three much revered rivers meet- Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.


The highlight of the day was a dip in Triveni– the Holy waters, which prepared them for the long travel planned for next day.


Paying a visit to the Shakti peeth temple and newly constructed Nav-Graha temple, they rounded up the third day of their journey. Looking forward to what awaited them the day after..


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