Day 2: chalti ka naam gaadi

Ferozabad to Kanpur

Our wonder women took to the highway early next morning to cover the maximum distance with least traffic.


They left from Firozabad at 6:30 am. Neeru- our super naani drove the distance of 235.5kms via NH2. The roads continued to be in good condition. They approached their next stop: Kanpur, the largest city in the northern  state of Uttar Pradesh, famous for its leather tanneries, around 10 am. At the by-roads they inquired the police-vaala standing by about the road to take for the city. He peeped inside the car, completely scanned it, checked their papers, license, car registry, car insurance et all and then, as they say, “the curiosity killed the cat”:

Police- vaala: Aap Kanpur kis liye aaye hain ?(What is the reason for your visit to Kanpur?)

Hum drive pe aaa ye hain” would have sounded too obnoxious for him to take in. Instead, they replied:

Monicka: Wedding attend karne (We are here for a wedding).

[What followed was the very speculated and much- hated “free ki advice”, which we Indians are known to give:]

Police- vaala: Driver ko lekar aana chahiye tha (You must have brought a driver with you).

And as they drove past him… he could almost overhear a song in the air- Baaaajuuuu…..

As they turned into the city the perfect highway gave way to ditchy city roads and the car jumped over a massive ditch.. the tyres collided against the bumper.. the brake pads of the car gave away.

They reached the hotel (Gagan Plaza) with another flat tyre and completely worn out brake pads. There was no puncture- vaala around the hotel. Much of the afternoon was spent in getting the brake pads changed and getting new tyre tubes inserted in the city shop. Well they couldn’t take any more chances with “flat tyres”!

at Tyre- vaale ki dukan.

Finally, they left around 8 pm to visit the nearby “Tapeshwari mandir”. After paying obeisance to the Devi, it was time for satiating the hunger. Looking for the delectable Kanpur ki chaat. .. they spent around an hour on the roads. Not being able to find the famous chaat shop, they drove back towards the hotel completely exhausted, and decided that no more driving within the city- go for an auto, rickshaw or a tuksiiii!

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