A Road Trip through the length of India

A mother often fulfills her dreams through her daughter… In my case, however, it turned to be just the other way round!

Well, my ultimate dream is to drive from New Delhi to Kanyakumari through the Western Ghats along the Arabian Sea and drive back along the Bay of Bengal. So far I have not got a chance, or rather I haven’t grabbed the chance to fulfill this wish of mine. But, not long back, my mother told me one fine evening that “I am going to Rameshwaram (from Delhi) and I am going to drive all the way!!”

That was 2 months back and soon the struggle began to find who is going to accompany her on this tour ‘cos it had to be all women “senior citizens only”. Now, the problem was that in mom’s generation and amongst all her friends and my friends’ mothers, 90% of the women can’t drive. But those who can drive, either they couldn’t be away from the family for that long or simply couldn’t dare.

In the meantime, both of us worked on the route, the stop- overs, the must- visit sites and the highways. Most of the mornings of January she would sit in the balcony basking in the winter sun, going through maps, Lonely Planet and recently aced “Google baba” to mark the distance between  the proposed stop- overs. Alongside joined my  langotiya yar Shivani Monga with truck-load of information on “how to travel on Indian highways” supplied in a bi-weekly dose by her friend- Saqib. (By the way she is also co-editor of this travel blog with my much- bullied- chhota- bhai Nimit Gandhi.)

That was that and gradually 2 more enthu cutlets joined the plan- mom’s friend and mom’s sister.

And now they are on their journey, journey of a life time: my dream journey that she is out to fulfill and some day I sure am going to make it too…

But for now, its about these three women on the highway.


New Delhi to Rameshwaram

3 women 4000 kms 5 states 29 days 23 stop overs and 1 single journey..


Here are our  wonder women – Neeru Gandhi, Sarita Manocha and Monicka Chanana aged 60, 62 and 51 years, respectively. All three of them are Delhi- bred women, homemakers, one of them a super naani (grand mother) to a 5 year old:


the second, a lone wolf:



and the third, a tomb raider:


They set out on this unique journey covering the length of  India to explore its  variant landscape, language, bazaars, cuisines, culture…. basically having a good time away from home.


Having spoonful of traditional “dahi-cheeni” (curd and sugar) before leaving.

Tip: Adding sugar to curd (like tradition demands) helps calm the nerves, provides sustained energy release and keeps the brain active => makes it for a perfect starter before they set out on the long drive!

Vehicle of choice: Suzuki Ertiga Ample space for Big Bags, lotsa Food stuff and other knickknacks.

The blog aims to cover their journey as they drive from North to South through Five states; Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu exploring the rich and diverse heritage, culture, food and all that the “women on the highway” find attractive and engaging.


and as they drive on..

the men see them off, nervous, excited, all at the same time …

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  1. Neha says:

    All the best aunty…such an inspiration 👍✌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ranvir Chitkara says:

    Very exciting! I am truly proud of all three and I know the two who are sisters – my two favorite cousins!! All the best for a very rewarding journey and once in life time experiences. — Ranvir

    Liked by 1 person

  3. gandhiaastha says:

    Thank you for all your wishes. Keep em coming.


  4. Ranvir says:

    I am truly enjoying reading these very well written descriptions of the journey. Let us hope no more car problems! Driving on Indian roads with all that traffic is challenge even without any car problems.

    Good job Aasth, posting these daily blogs. Keep it up!!


    1. gandhiaastha says:

      Thank you Ranvir uncle for your enthusiasm :). Yes, they are used to the city traffic but the highways can be quite unpredictable.


  5. Ranvir says:

    These blogs are fascinating and the narratives are as if the writer is riding along. The pictures are awe inspiring. Makes me feel like I should take such a journey just the same 😀😀. I wait anticipating to read the next day’s adventures. 👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

  6. BALAJI says:

    Fascinated to learn about the escapedes of Neeru and Sarita, whom i had known almost thirty years ago…… Hope we can reconnect sometime to catch up. Balaji

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gandhiaastha says:

      Thank you for writing in Mr. Balaji. I shall forward your wishes to them. They would soon be sending you an email. Best wishes.


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